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What is the difference between a ‘colourist’ and a Master colour Expert?


A Master Colour Expert (MCE) is a title given once you have completed the industry’s most prestigious colour programme. The course is an intensive master’s degree in colouring that I attended at the Wella World studio in London. My course stretched out over a 2yr period and was broken down into 4 sections, at the end of the 2nd section there was an exam, which had a high fail rate! If you didn’t pass you couldn’t carry on to the next stage, luckily, I passed with a 99% pass rate, the highest in that course, just saying LOL (damn that 1%)

I then moved onto stage 3, and back when I did the degree you had to be invited to do stage 4 by Wella themselves, which luckily, I was!

 The masters itself involved in-depth science, from the structure of a strand of hair, to the science behind the “colour factory” that is within our scalp and follicles and how to examine how different colours effect it. Along with things like diet, hair growth/loss, and how hair becomes grey. It was amazing and I really soaked it all in!

In-depth knowledge of hair and colour from a manufacturing point of view also is crucial to know as it gives a greater understanding to colour correction and to how and why certain colours are used. The aim is to learn the expertise to what is achievable without compromising the hairs integrity. Along with all of this you are taught all about skin tone, lifestyle and so on as these all play a massive part within the colour world!

I graduated from the prestigious Wella Professionals Master Colour Expert Programme back in 2006/7, it is one of the highest colour accolades within the industry, and I am among one of the most highly qualified experts on hair colour in the UK.



Why are my prices “from” a certain price?


The reason my prices are ‘from’ a price is because I believe in fairness. So, I basically go for a middle ground price and adjust accordingly for each individual client.

Some clients may have a pixie hair cut so they do not require as much colour to be mixed up, but their hair cut is more in-depth. Then I can also have some clients who  have long hair midway down their back, so therefore, they will need a lot more colour mixing up and more time to dry their hair, although the cut may be a lot simpler in technique.

It swings in roundabouts and during your consultation I am happy to discuss pricing to give you a correct quotation.


Why does my price change from appointment to appointment?


Obviously if you are having a full head tint one time and the following just your regrowth then the explanation is easy. But sometimes it’s not as straight forward. Prices can increase or decrease on techniques chosen product used and the amount used, as well as factors like adding areas in or taking areas out. Plus, the time I spend working on each individual, sometimes I can do a top up colour in 30mins but the next time I may need to do some extra bits to ensure the colour looks its best and therefore there is extra time needed.

Is there anything I wouldn’t do hair wise?


Hmmmmm, well I am very upfront and honest, so if I think something wouldn’t look right, I will say, and I would give you an alternative. I think it is best to work with clients then just go against them BUT at the same time, your hair is my advertisement and if it looks horrible or just doesn’t suit you, firstly I wouldn’t be doing my job correctly but ultimately, I wouldn’t be doing you the customer any favours!


I don’t really enjoy perming hair and I have never really had an interest in applying extensions myself, but I do like using them as hair pieces within my hair ups especially for wedding hair!


Wedding hair – is it in the salon or do you come to the venue?


I can do either!

Personally, I prefer to go to the venue or brides’ home if there is room, the reason for this is that it makes the experience for the wedding party less stressful with less time constraints, I find the bride and her wedding party are more relaxed and its fun!

That being said though, its always fun being part of someone’s big day so if they need to have their hair done at the salon its totally fine!


Do you do wedding make up?


I certainly do! And I really enjoy it! But if I had to choose between being the hairstylist or make-up artist for someone’s big day then hair will always win!

What’s the best thing about my job?


Well I count myself lucky that I wake up every day and feel excited about the day ahead because I literally love being a hairdresser! Don’t get me wrong, I’m only human and have the odd day I think I’m not feeling it, but it’s so rare!

I get to work with clients that have followed me since I was 16yrs old, something which I’m so grateful for. I’m lucky to have a loyal and strong customer base and I’d say a majority of my customers have turned into friends over the years!

I’ve been part of their wedding days, I’ve been there as a sounding board when they need to talk things out, as a comforter if they are going through a hard time but I also get to share the exciting times too! I’m much more than ‘just a hairdresser’


I get to work in my own beautiful salon and I have a fantastic team of girls that work alongside me. We spend our days laughing and generally having fun, so much so that it doesn’t feel like work!

How lucky am I!


Can I book an appointment in easily?


Well the booking part is easy, call 01795 599609 or message me on one of my social media accounts!

I generally have a waiting list of around 5-6 weeks but I do always do my best to get people in!


Am I taking on new clients?

If you are happy to wait for my availability then I’m happy to take you on!

I advise all of my clients to pre book their appointments and to have at least 3 future bookings at all times, this way there is no panic at the thought of having to wait for an appointment!

All new clients, colour changes/corrections and vivid work do require a £50 non refundable deposit.

I am happy to take on a colour correction or change, and for you to then go in with another stylist for your maintenance in between any of the “big” work that you would want doing, that way I can still be on hand to help and advise if I need too.

What happens if I miss or late cancel an appointment?


I totally understand that things happen and there is times that you’ll need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, and I will do my best to get you booked back in ASAP. 

I do however require a minimum of 48hrs notice for any cancellations or movements of appointments, this is so I can offer the appointment to someone on my waiting list. Obviously there are exceptional circumstances to this.

Being totally honest, I am self employed and to be sat around with a 2-3hr gap in the middle of my day is just frustrating ESPECIALLY when I know with notice I could fill it. If this is a regular habit I will require a deposit for every booking AND I will unfortunately refuse to take on clients that are regular offenders. I am lucky that this isn’t really a problem that I have to deal with but its better to be upfront then not I think!


Do I have to have a patch test?


100% YES!

I will not colour your hair if you have not had a patch test within my salon or if you have not had your hair coloured within my salon for 6mths.

This is for your safety as well as my own.

And no I will not let you sign a disclaimer, it’s basically me admitting I’m doing something wrong!

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