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I count myself lucky to do a job that I feel so passionate about, I’ve learnt that there is so much more to being a hairdresser than just hair, and I feel us hairdressers wear many different caps! We become friends with our clients, we are a councillors, we are there through the good and the bad times with our clients and that means so much to me.


In 2006 I opened my own salon, I was 25yrs old, young and naive to the world of business and I had a lot to learn. Being a good hairdresser alone wasn’t going to be enough. 

I soon learnt that there is so much more going on behind the scenes when you run a salon. It’s a business at the end of the day, with bills and commitments that don’t go away at the end of the day, you have staff members to look after too, in more ways than you think and then you have to learn what it takes to help keep not just myself but my team motivated, happy and loving their job! It’s a lot of balls to juggle and it’s definitely daunting at times.

One thing I’ve learnt is there is a big difference between a “boss” and a “leader” and I would class myself as the latter.


I’m passionate about building other stylists up, from young apprentices to seasoned stylists that want to update their skills. I love educating people on how to build their column and to improve their customer service. 

To see another stylist thrive and enjoy their career like I do is a big accomplishment and something I feel proud to be able to help with.

I’ve had some really fab hairstylists work for me, and I’ve helped them gain their confidence within their field, shown them how to set goals and believe in themselves. 

Some are still in my team, while others have “flown the nest”, it’s always hard seeing someone leave but I love seeing them grow and the work they create, it’s like a proud mum moment lol! And let’s be honest, it’s what I done! My dream is to retain a happy team and I’m lucky to not have a high turn over of staff.

I started my hairdressing career in 1996 (wow that makes me feel old!) I can’t lie and say I grew up wanting to be a hairdresser, the thought never actually crossed my mind, I wanted to work within veterinary somewhere! Yep, totally different!


A long story short.....


I went to the careers centre with a friend of mine at the age of 15 to show support to her, I was lined up to go to college and she hadn’t sorted anything, there was an advert for apprentice hairdressers, and she talked me into signing up for an interview with her, we decided it must be really easy AND we could get our hair done! I was the biggest tom boy at the time so god knows why I went along with it?!

I went along to the interview and I got the job, I thought I’d do it for the summer and then just go to college as I had planned! 

Little did I know that my creative brain was going to be inspired so much that any plans working with animals went right out the window, my boss at the time told me I was a natural and should stick with it, he saw talent in me that he thought I could take far. And so, my passion for hair was born and I’ve never looked back! Did my friend become a hairdresser? NO! She never even went to the interview haha but I’m grateful that I did!


Education within my industry is so important to me, I’m extremely proud to be a Wella Master Colour Expert.

It’s one of the highest accolades within the hair industry and is the equivalent of a colour degree.

That does not mean I do not continue to learn within the colour world, you have to continue to educate yourself in this fast pace, crazy but fun world of hairdressing.

I love attending courses, meeting new like minded people and taking that knowledge back to the salon to share with my clients and colleagues.


So, as you can tell my main passion is colour, I LOVE creative vivid colour work, but I also love the soft and natural beauty of a seamless balayage.

Even an all over colour can be made more bespoke for the individual client, and not “ just” a brown or blonde, and I love that I have the ability to do that.


Colour is my thing….had a bad colour? I’ll sort it!

Want a complete change? Challenge me! 

I’m upfront and honest and I let my work do the talking!

I am an all-round hairdresser and I always finish my colours off with their cut & style.


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I think......

“A colour makes a cut and a cut makes a colour”

It’s my motto to anyone that I teach or who works for me! 

I love to build up my client’s confidence and to encourage them to step outside of the box.

It’s my job to not let you get stuck in a rut!


Aside from my love of my career, I guess my most important job is that of being a Mum!

I had my little boy Alfred in 2019 and he’s really completed me, he’s made me realise there has to be a work/life balance, and for a workaholic like me, it was a big change!

I’m lucky that my husband Ben is so supportive of my career, he’s the one I turn too to sound off my ideas, my goals and he’s also the man who takes my salon ideas and makes them a reality, making my salon a beautiful environment to work in.

My other passion is horses, I’m a keen rider and as with anything that I do, I am focused on being the best rider I can be with further training and dedication to the sport.

I think it’s nice for clients to know a bit about their stylists as I feel we attract clients to our own personality as well as skill set!


An appointment with me should be professional, fun and relaxing with you walking out of my salon feeling fabulous!

That’s my goal for every appointment!


I’m very lucky to have a loyal and supportive clientele. I’m generally running a waitlist of around 6 weeks for appointments and I advise anyone who books with me to always pre-book their appointments to avoid any disappointment.


What are you waiting for?

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Fancy a treat? Off out for the day or evening? Why not book in for a blow dry or hair up! Blow drying can be curly or smooth, wavy or bouncy or have your hair up, from something simple to something more extravagant, the choice is yours!


Blow dry above shoulders from £15.00

Blow dry below shoulders from £20.00

Blow dry extensions from £25.00

Hair Up from £25.00



From a simple trim to a complete restyle, a good cut can change your look dramatically!


Wet Cut from £20.00

Cut & Style from £42.50

Restyle from £47.50

Gents cuts from £10.00


From hiding signs of grey hair to showing another side of our personality, there’s a hair colour for us all!

“The best colour is the one that looks good on you”

I will create bespoke colours to suit you as an individual.

All prices are based on a ‘from’ point as some clients will need extra colour compared to others, there is also the type of colour used that will effect the pricing and different application methods too, this can be quoted correctly for you during your consultation.


Full head application from £50.00

Regrowth application from £43.00

Quasi application from £43.00

Toners from £20.00

Pre-lighten full head from £50.00

Pre-lighten regrowth from £43.00

Couture colour work POQ

Vivid colour work POQ

Top foils from £40.00

Half foils from £50.00

Full foils from £80.00

Half day session work POQ

Full day session work POQ


*Please note that you get 20% off of your cut & style when you have a technical service with me!



WELLAPLEX with Opti pH System can be used during your hair colour or as a stand-alone treatment. This is the only product I recommend for use within Wella Professionals hair colours & lightening services, and it only takes around 10 minutes.

No matter if you are changing your hair colour from brunette to blonde or want a bold platinum white shade, WELLAPLEX works to maintain and improve the condition of your hair during the colouring process, ensuring your hair stays strong and healthy.


Consisting of three products this revolutionary, strengthening hair treatment helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds for stronger hair, at the same time boasting the best lifting results possible.

The collection consists of;

· No1 Bond Maker – a professional in-salon product that helps to create bonds within the hair during lightening or colour services

· No2 Bond Stabilizer – used after your hair colour service this amazing new hair product further strengthens the bonds, re-balances pH and strengthens the hair structure after chemical treatment.

· No3 Hair Stabilizer – a take home product which helps keep the hair strong, smooth and soft until your next WELLAPLEX treatment.


New WELLAPLEX is the best partner for Wella Professionals hair colour during lightening and colour services. It’s designed to work in perfect synergy – ensuring the best possible results every time.



Yes! You can now keep your hair looking good for longer using WELLAPLEX’s at home hair care product. Used weekly, WELLAPLEX No3 Hair Stabilizer will help to keep your hair strong, smooth and soft until your next in-salon service.

Wellaplex in colour treatment from £25.00

Wellaplex stand alone treatment from £20.00



It is always advisable to look after your hair from the inside out! A deep conditioning treatment can change your hairs health instantly!

Deep Conditioning treatment Eimi £8.00

System Professional Express £5.00

System Professional Intense £10.00

Tina Hollis Grid Template .jpg
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